Laferté-sur-Aube is a small village of Champagne-Ardenne, in Haute-Marne (Upper-Marne) department, at the limit of Aube department and Côte d'Or department. The village is part of Chateauvillain canton and belongs to the 3 Forests Township Community.
Laferté-sur-Aube, from valley sight. The village has, in 2014, 350 inhabitants and a lot of holidaymakers during summer time. City dwellers enjoying the quiet of the countryside ofwell country's children finding their roots.
Built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the vally of the river "Aube", it covers 3197 herctares (12,344 square miles) within 1250 of woods (4,826 square miles)
You can admire two listed buildings: Saint Maria-Magdalena church (XVIIIth century) and the Halls (XIXth century).
The village has a few companies: hairdresser, mechanic, masons, heating engineers, refrigeration and shop hardware specialist, greenspaces specialist and a "gite" (capacity 10 people)...
It has a communal postal agency, a notary and a library.
A market is held every Thursday afternoon at Halls.
While environante countryside and woods called to walk, the river invites to the fishing parties... Feel free to visit us !
Laferté in numbers:
In 1867 the village had 1,172 inhabitants; in 1906, there were only 698, this number has stabilized since the early 2000s around 350 people.