In the middle of the valley flows the river 'Aube'.The village of Laferte uppon Aube overlooks the valley about 100 feets.

The river 'Aube'.
South, find the slope 'Canes vine', remains of the vineyards surrounding Laferté till the begining of World War I. From the west, the stream of Echelette marks the spot of ancient moat.

Laferté seen from 'l'Échelette' at spring
From the east, the road of 'Pont-la-Ville' is joined, south of the village, with Silvarouvres way. These two ancient Roman roads came from Langres through Chateauvillain for one and Châtillon-sur-Seine to another. Overlooking the intersection of two ancient roads, the hill Arcimont stands at more than 1000 feets (327m).

Laferté sight from Arcimont.

General overview, in the backgroud: la Ferée and the hill 'Sainte Anne'.
Towards the west, the road bypasses Laferté to north straight to Clairvaux abbey, by the path of the Romans. West, it is the hill 'Sainte Anne' who's rises at 1010 ft (358m). The mount is covered with the commununal forrest of Laferté. A curiosity border the path: 'the well of hasard' (well of chance). This deep cavity still guard the mystery of its origin and its name. North, the river 'Aube' continues it course in the middle of the valley towards 'Ville-sous-la-Ferté'.