The Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

The church of Laferté-sur-Aube was the seat of a cure to prior's benefit who received tithes of the parish. This church, which was both priory and parish, was sometimes called St. Eugendo or St. Claude because of its dependence to Saint-Claude's Abbey(Jura). The Church of St. Mary Magdalene is a hall church built between 1772 and 1779 (date on the western pediment). The old church was located at the site of the current Halls and was repaired in 1735 but April 12, 1770, Laferté residents begged Intendant of Champagne to rebuild their church because it was, according to them, unhealthy, buried and too small. November 21, 1771 Lancret, inspector and architect expert of all buildings in the province of Champagne draw up an estimate amounting to 95,521 pounds to build a new church on the ground called the Dungeon (la Motte Jouac) and other work in the village. Work was awarded to Edme Joseph Aubert, contractor and architect of the Abbey of Clairvaux. August 14, 1770, he had, before Lancret, established a quote and plans for the reconstruction of the church for a sum of 57,917 pounds but the project was not selected. Work will begin immediately and, October 12, 1776, the cornerstone of the new building was blessed. The pediment bears the date 1779 which must mark the end of the work. The ground instability led to higher than expected that finds a quote foundations dated October 10, 1777. We thought to raise the bell tower in 1823 but it was not until 1847 that the architect of Ville-sous-Laferté, Cacheleux, drew plans and Didier Roger from Arc-en-Barrois began work.

Source: Census of churches and chapels in the department of Haute-Marne.
photo credits: 1:D. Bouvet, 2:C. Chéron.